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Machine Service & Repairs


For a downloadable copy of our current service and repair pricing and information, click here


 Machine Repairs & Service

All sewing machine & overlocker services are conducted on-site by our Master Technician. Machines are booked in on arrival at our store and are processed in sequential order of arrival (excluding priority service machines).  Machines must be booked in at the store to ensure their place in the queue.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for the service/repair to be completed.

  • ·        
  • All machines are required to be booked in, with information about your machine, its issues (if any) , what type of repair your machine requires e.g. service, fix  etc, machine will be tagged, and you will be provided with a printed receipt for your machine detailing what accessories and items have been brought in with your machine.
  • We will contact you either via email, phone or SMS message to advise when your machine is ready for collection.
  • If the technician needs to discuss your machine, he will contact you prior to completing any works.
  • All completed work must be paid in full on pickup.
  • Owners must bring their claim check on pickup of their machine or provide photo identification.
  • No machines will be released without payment of monies owed.
  • Any 3rd party pick-ups must be authorised by the owner and payment made in full prior to or on collection of their machine.
  • We reserve the right to dispose of machines abandoned or not collected after 60 days from completion date to recover costs.

All prices shown exclude parts 

Service Description – excluding parts


Routine Top of Line Sewing/& Embroidery Machine Service

With machines of this calibre, they require added time and functional service elements as designated by the manufacturer.  We want to make sure your machine is given the attention it requires so we have added a separate service tier for these machines.

Machines included in this new service tier include:

  • ·         Husqvarna Viking Designer EPIC                                        * Bernina 880  & 880 Plus
  • ·         Husqvarna Viking EPIC 980Q                                              * Bernina 830
  • ·         PFAFF Creative Icon                                                             * Bernina 820
  • ·         PFAFF Peformance Icon
  • ·         Brother Dream Machines – all models
  • ·         Janome 15000, 14000


Routine Sewing & Embroidery Machine Service

Excludes machines mentioned above


Routine Sewing Machine Service


Routine Overlocker /Coverstitch Service


Overlocker Re-thread

$  25.00

Machine Firmware/Software Update

All machine manufacturers now have updates available on their websites for the consumer to complete the process with downloadable files and instructions.   If you would like us to complete an update on your machine we can complete it for you for a fee. Please advise our staff when booking your machine in. 

$  40.00



Limited Priority Service Additions

Extra Fees per machine

Same Day Service


Limited Availability

Same day service is strictly limited and available only on approval and via prior booking.  Some conditions apply – ask our staff for details.

$ 90.00

7 Day Priority Service

Limited Availability

Need your machine within 7 days?  This priority service may be your answer.

$ 55.00



Fix Only Rates (excluding parts)


Minimum Charge per machine


Hourly Rate  

$105.00 per hour – charged in 15 min increments



Machine will be booked in for a free assessment by our technician.  No work will be completed without approval by owner.  Upon approval, work will be completed as quoted.  All machines that are not approved for further work must be collected by the owner within 14 days.  Lead time for estimates – approx. 2-3 weeks. 


Warranty Repairs

New Machine Warranty ( All Brands)

We will honour all warranty work for machines purchased at River City Sewing Machine Centre during the period of your new machine warranty provided:

  • ·         You are the first owner of the machine,
  • ·         You can provide proof of purchase of your machine

Please note that some parts and consumables are not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty and you should refer to your warranty card that was provided at the time of your new machine purchase.  Items and parts required to complete the repair to your machine that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be charged to you and must be paid in full before the machine is released. 

Extended Warranty – (where applicable)


Please refer to your warranty documentation for items covered by the manufacturer under their extended warranty if it is applicable to your machine - generally, these include some parts and mechanical items.  All repairs conducted under your machines extended warranty will be charged as per our Fix Only Rates, as labour costs are not covered as part of these extended warranty arrangements plus costs of any parts not covered under warranty. 

Warranty repairs for machines not purchased at River City Sewing Machine Centre


We would recommend that you return your machine to the place of purchase for the completion of your warranty repair.  The dealer where you purchased your machine is responsible for warranty repairs for all machines that they sell.

If you would prefer our store to conduct your warranty repairs, we can do so, however, you will be charged as per our Fix Only Rates plus any additional costs of freight etc for the supply of parts for the completion of your warranty repair plus any parts or items not covered under the warranty terms.

Brother International (Australia) Pty Ltd - Warranty Service Centre


Please refer to your warranty documentation for items covered by the manufacturer under their warranty if it is applicable to your machine - generally, these include some parts and mechanical items.  

All warranty repairs for Brother Machines referred to our store must include proof of purchase information, customers name, address and contact telephone number. This information is a mandatory requirement for Brother International (Australia) Pty Ltd to process the warranty claim.

River City Sewing reserves the right to refuse any machine for warranty repairs should this information not be provided.

Warranty repairs are subject to approval by Brother International (Australia) Pty Ltd.  Any items not covered by the warranty approval will be payable by the machine owner.  Any disputes relating to the coverage of warranty for your machine should be directed to Brother International (Australia) Pty Ltd.



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