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Hoopsisters - CD Designs


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Summer Dreams 
  • Summer Dreams
    $139.00 Hoopsisters - Summer Dream CD
             Summer Dreams is a compilation of some of our favorite blocks - but totally redone and modernized! You might recognize Amish Flower Power, the basic block is the same, however the...
  • where the heart is
    $219.00 Hoopsisters - Where the Heart is CD & Fabric Kit
      Where the Heart is - CD & Fabric Kit A HoopSisters Row Quilt! Each row is a new season...
  • Crazy Compass
    $149.00 Hoopsisters Crazy Compass CD
      Hoopsisters Crazy Compass CD   Crazy Compass, the former 2009 EmbroidaBlock of the Month, is exquisite.  36 Blocks Quilt As You Go Pieced, Decorative Stitched, Embroidered and Quilted all in the...
  • Hoopsisters Lonestar
    $99.95 Hoopsisters Lone Star CD
    Hoopsisters Lone Star A beautiful large eight point star. Each section is comprised of diamonds made using the included digital cut files or follow the instructions to use your rotary cutter to make the fused, raw edge...
  • Madison
    $59.95 Hoopsisters Madsion CD
    Madison -  Young and Modern Collection by Hoopsisters   The Young & Modern Collection allows you to use some modern fabrics with the HoopSisters technique and Madison is no different! Madison comes...