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Embroidery Books

A large range of Embroidery Books

  • Daylily Dreaming - Zundt Design
    $125.00 Daylily Dreaming - Zundt Design
    Our second collection - Daylily Dreaming incorporates designs of lovely dayliliesand small clematis flowers both separately and together in a beautiful bouquet.Exquisite endless borders are also featured in this stunning...
  • Gerbera Jamesonii
    $99.00 Gerbera Jamesonii
    The cheerful gerbera daisy grows naturally in a vibrant rainbow of colours. Lovely pinks, sunny yellows and bright oranges are just a few of the gorgeous colours that these happy flowers boast. The traditional meaning for...
  • Golden Harvest - Zundt Design
    $125.00 Golden Harvest - Zundt Design
    The first collection - Golden Harvest is a sumptuous collection of twenty five embroidery designs incorporating luscious fruitand elegant adornments.In the full colour project book, these designs have been usedto create...