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Craft Books

A large range of Craft Books

  • Creative Embellishing - Hardcover
    $34.95 Creative Embellishing - Hardcover
    Easy techniques and over 25 great projects!! Lend new lease of life to well-loved garments and home furnishings with just a few simple embellishment techniques. From beads and cords to ribbon and lace, this book provides...
  • Posh Pincushions In-the-Hoop Floral Pincushions
    $49.95 Posh Pincushions In-the-Hoop Floral Pincushions
    Katherine Artines adds a fun and whimsical approach to creating the ideal pincushion for your sewing room. You'll never look at pincushions in the same way! From the Sassy Sunflower to the Darling Dahlia, these floral...